• foglie-pioppo
  • foca-cucciolo
  • ASSIOLO-(Otus-scops)-Parco-naturale-Le-Folaghe,-Casei-gerola-,Pavia
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  • _09X0559
  • _X2T7607
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  • grzzly31
  • SULE-(Sula-bassana)-Bass-Rock,-Scozia
  • sifaka
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…focusing wildlife

Hi,I’m Bruno De Faveri and this is my official wildlife photography website where you’ll find my photo shots around the world, from Madagascar to the Svalbard Islands, from the Mauritania’s Coast to the Borneo’s Rain Forests, from Tanzania to Alaska.
You can also contact me to buy prints, photo panels and to organize exhibitions, screenings, courses and workshop, or simply to exchange opinions and comments.